Canadian Immigration Processing Times: How Long Does It Take?

Planning to immigrate to Canada? Then it’s really a good thing. Many people are immigrating to Canada because of better work opportunities, improved living condition, and good educational facilities. However, for immigrating to Canada, one must get file for immigration application properly. Any reputed Markham immigration lawyer states that depending on the type of job, candidates should select the right immigration category. For instance, Federal Skilled Workers Class should go for one kind of immigration program; similarly for Canadian Experience Class another program might be suitable.

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Immigration Application 

Every year, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) receives numerous applications from immigrants. There is no fixed time for processing of the immigration application. The time can vary for the different categories of Canadian immigration and it is usually updated on the site.

Generally, it is assumed that the immigration application processing time may vary depending on the documents which are usually submitted to the visa office. If the visa office finds that the application is properly filled, it gets approved. However, if the visa office finds that the application is wrong, it can reject the application. Then one would need to submit the application again.

Getting Right Information

Any Markham immigration lawyer states that, it is the right of the immigrant to remain informed about the amount of time that would be required for processing their immigration application. The processing time is solely based from the time IRCC receives the application and they arrive at a decision.

If you are interested to take a look into the processing time of different applications take a look below.

  • Express Entry

Applications submitted through Express Entry get processed within 6 months from the time it is received. However, it doesn’t include the time to submit Express Entry Profile, receiving ITA and preparing final application.

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  • Study Permit

Markham immigration lawyer points that the processing time varies depending on the applicant’s country of residence. Usually, the time for processing is 4-6 weeks, but it can go up to 20 weeks.

  • Sponsoring a Spouse

In case a permanent resident plans to bring their loved one to Canada then the application might take 12 months to get processed. However, the processing time may take even more if the spouse resides in another country.

  • Visitor’s Visa

Markham immigration lawyerstate that in case, one plans to just visit Canada as a guest, then the processing time for visitor’s visa may vary depending on the country from where it is being applied. Applications made from outside Canada can take months. In case, the application is made from Canada, it can take 14 days for online application and 19 days for paper application.

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  • Post Graduation Work Permit

Even though this falls under work permit category, the processing time for the application can take 50 days. It happens if the application is submitted online. For paper based application, 105 days are required.

Before applying for any category of Canadian immigration, taking the help of Markham immigration lawyer is mandatory. They can guide clients through entire process till they settle down peacefully in Canada. Catch insights on Canadian Immigration news here.